Are you a gardening enthusiast fascinated with toy trains? A garden railway, or train garden, cleverly combines these favorite pastimes into amazing sites with which everyone can enjoy. These gardens will actually come to life as the model trains gracefully move about the miniature landscape filled with low-growing plants and realistic buildings. Be inspired by These Pictures and films of The train Garden!

THE MAGIC OF Garden-Railroading

Train garden's octobre movie: RhB G 4/5 Schlepptenderlok Consolidation 108

A small industrial line, with little engines and short cars is ideal for areas with limited space, while a modern mainline requires more room. There is a variety of ready-to-install track available to choose from and can be purchased in many hobby shops. You can even choose to construct your own; however, this is best left for those who are more knowledgeable in this area. Commercial track comes in sections with set lengths and curves, available in short or longer sections to suit your needs. Sectional track can be easily picked up and put down; however, if you want a more permanent railway, you should consider using flexible track. This type of track can be easily bent to fit nearly any design.

Once you have determined the scale and gauge for your track, decide how your train will be powered. Trains usually operate on a 12V-18V DC power supply, the same as with most garden lighting. The power pack should be located in a dry area and easily accessible to an electrical outlet. Other options for powering your train include those that are battery-powered, radio-controlled, or even real steam locomotives. After you have finished designing and laying your track, it's time to place your vegetation and realistic features. Try sticking with natural materials when constructing your miniature landscape. For instance, create mountains made of dirt, rivers made of water, rocks made of stone, etc.
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THE MAGIC OF Garden-Railroading

The "Big Five" manufacturers of garden railway equipment are AristoCraft, Bachmann, LGB, USA Trains, and MTH. The Bachmann starter sets represent excellent value, even if they may be a little old-timey for your taste. The other companies make trains that are more solid, and the costs reflect that to some extent. Regardless of your choice, if you start with a relatively inexpensive set, you can let other people's children run it later without worrying that they're going to destroy an expensive collectors' item. The main thing is to get started.